SAS Irrigation is a business with dynamic growth that is constantly creating new job opportunities for people with numeric farming experience to be trained as designers and marketers in the irrigation field.

Training involves:


SAS Irrigation provides complete and thorough training for their designers, under the leadership of one of the most experienced mechanical engineers in the South African Irrigation industry.
Internal training in the office and in the field settings with real systems to let you function and grow within the company.
The entire process,
    - from the initial visit to the farmer to assess the needs,
- do the survey of the main points for system planning,
- design the system in the most effective way,
- the most economical delivery of all components,
- erection and installation and or
- training for the farmer to do his own installation of the system,
- being involved in activation of the system,
- setting and calibration and troubleshooting the system and or problem solving the electrical components.
System layout of the most effective way, the placement of the system but also the layout in the larger context of the total farm and future expansion.
The calculation of foot valve sizes, suction pipe sizes, pipe friction losses, calculation of water supply in the systems and the functioning pressure of the systems, power cable's, voltage drop across distances and also the right choice for cables, transformer sizes "step-up and step-down" uses. Pump selection and impeller sizes with motor sizes are an important part, and choices and calculations are very important for most effective water supply but also for power saving.
The in-depth quotation of the planned system to provide the best possible price for the client.
To learn system affordability for customers but not sacrificing on quality and management ease. This principle guarantees customer satisfaction and continued existence of the company.
- Design, manufacture and commissioning of irrigation systems
- Cost effective delivery across SA and neighbouring countries
- Specialised in export procedures
- Training and technical assistance

SAS Irrigation takes pride in the high standards set by their qualified personnel. We strive to provide cost effective solutions for all our client’s needs. We aim to combine experience and quality with the latest technology to continuously improve our service and products.

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